EvE Online    Freeport Exploration [FX7] is a privately held loosely organized EvE Online corporation focused on illicit tradeing and pirate activity. There are no taxes for our members, nor are there charges or prerequisates for entry. We are a low maintenance corp. Regular ops are only orchestrated by regular members. There are no requirements to do anything. As such, the FX7 member is a pirate comfortable working solo in any region he or she desires. There are no "corp standings" and the only rule is you do not kill another member.

    We trade piracy tips, sometimes camp gates, and work with other pirates as it pleases us. Players needing their hand held are welcome, but are sure to be disappointed. Casual players, alt pirates, and random outcasts welcome. No one gets kicked uness they shoot another member. No killboard, no manditory forums, no manditory TS or Vent. These are available but optional. Our operations are inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Ninja Looting
  • Gate Camping
  • Wars of Agression for Profit
  • "Creative" Marketing
  • Genneral Piracy
  • Transport and Freighter Hunting



Disclaimer/Statement of Piracy Policy

Yar1) Ransom Policy:
Should you find yourself at our mercy, the standard ransome applies: 2x your ships value. You must pay your ransome before you are dead or we will not cease fire. At the time of cease-fire you may leave. EXCEPTION: If you are in a hauler the rules are different. You must hold position and pay a ransom to be negotiated. Failure to pay the ransom OR ATTEMPTING TO RETURN TO THE GATE without permission NULLS THIS CONTRACT and you will be destroyed. Lipping off or getting smart with us ALSO NULLS ALL CONTRACTS. Any contract may become void at contractors discression for any reason.

2) Attack Policy
Unless under certain circumstances, neutrals will usually be destroyed. Whenever there are empty bottles, it is time for cannon practice: roadsigns will be shot at as we pass them.

3) Theft
Anyone found stealing form another member of crew will have his ears and nose slit open and be set ashore. However: If it's adrift, It's a gift!

4) Division
Captain and Quartermaster receives two shares in a prize. Sailing Master, Boatswain, and Gunner receive one-and-one-half shares. Other officers one-and-one-quarter shares. Sailors, one share. If one loses a limb or becames a cripple in the common service, one receives more of a share.

5) Title
Every man has equal title to all fresh provisions and strong liquors seized.

6) Dispute
No striking another on board ship. every man's quarrel would be settled on shore with sword and pistol. Quartermaster would accompany both to shore. The disputants were set back to back at 20 paces. At the command, they turn and fire immediately. If both miss, they take up their cutlasses.

7) Operations
Every man has a voice in all affairs.