T’Amber’s Abuse of Lemmings

Posted on 19th January 2012 by admin in Goings On

T’Amber was hosting a frigate competition that drew a fair number of expensive frigates. Of course, what he failed to mention was that the warp in point for the fight was inside of a “poison” gas cloud in L4 mission deadspace. Hilarity ensued…

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Rocket Man-tastic

Posted on 4th October 2011 by admin in Goings On

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Fire Up The Machine

Posted on 7th December 2010 by admin in Goings On
I think it’s time we officially open our doors for business. I’m not talking about recruitment, but since most of you are now more experienced with ninja looting, and understand the potential of market scamming, it’s time to delve into my personal favorite EvE pursuit: hauler killing and corporation ransoms. As such, we will be issuing some war decs this week. Sadly, I was not able to find an ideal indy corp (ie one with 200+ members all flying slow transports). Instead, we’ll be looking at corps with 20-30 members that typically fly freighters. These wars will be a frequent occurrence for us in 2011, so be advised: flying a freighter while we are at war is a bad idea. Once our decs are out, we will be a full spectrum pirate corp, with operations in ninja looting, gate camping all sec, ransoming, extortion, scamming, perpetual war, and roaming ops. This is very close to my vision for our corp. Only two things left after this: incursion ninja looting and a wormhole deployed large faction POS for wormhole theft and random null sec camps. In January we will have it all… but first things must come first. We had trouble this month getting in touch with Eve Radio for our recruitment drive. That’s getting fixed as I type this and soon we’ll be on Eve Radio every hour for a month. We’re also sponsoring some Eve Radio contests, and, most symbolically, co-sponsoring Hulkageddon in 2011.
The Wars
I have a few corps already in mind for our decs this week, but instead of hitting 2-3 big corps for a long period of time, we’ll be doing 20-30 man corps frequently for shorter periods of time. We’re going to need a list of future targets though, and will need to keep them coming. I encourage anyone who’s otherwise available to scan freighters at logistical chokepoints in empire and make note of corps carrying high value items. You can submit them either via eve-mail to Gogela or by using the FX7 Forums.
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Archive: Action!

Posted on 7th December 2010 by admin in Goings On
There’s a lot going on right now w/ Freeport Exploration. Our Forums are up, our website is up, and so is our Killboard. We will be filling them with content soon (shipfits, tactics, carer options, etc…) Eve radio adverts and forum adverts will be online next week. Gogela will be leading ninja expeditions into incusions after the expansion, and we may be putting up a POS in wormhole space for incursions of our own into nullsec.
Hang out by logistical chokepoints in empire and scan freighters. Try to find corporations with lots of freighters moving through the area. We will be making several wardecs based on your findings soon! People in corp are making billions scamming the market. Just fyi. The corp station in Sujarento is stocked up with free ninja ships and mods for corp members, and bubbles are available in Uemon and Ohkunen for nullsec campers.
The highest ISK value single kill (think transports, freighters, indys) will be rewarded with 2 faction cruisers (or 220 mil isk, your choice) of your choice. Contest ends Dec 1.
Tuberider 1.5 bil | Cookie Queen 1.35bil | ziem 1.3 bil
EVE Player Channels:
EVE Radio | Cygnus X | Live Events
NOTE: If anyone is having problems accessing “NPC Loot” in the corp hanger, eve-mail gogela and he’ll fix it.
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Archive: Art Thou Bored II

Posted on 7th December 2010 by admin in Goings On
More to do: Low Sec Camping + 0.0
Here’s a camping route in low sec that has pretty good traffic and actually feeds into a nice 0.0 sec camping route within two jumps: Uemon. We have an office there, and there is, relatively, one of the busyest logistics paths there wich goes: Akora – Messoya* – Tasti – Otosela – Uemon* – Paala – LXQ2-T (0.0) – 8KE-YS (0.0) – ZS-PNI* (0.0)…. where a “*” indicates an ideal camp site. I have gotten some of my highest value kills along that route.
First person to post a Zephyr empire gank here gets 150 mil from the corp and a shiny new medal. Second runner up gets 2 Zephyrs.
Big Bounty… Big Isk
There are bounties for characters out there that are bigger than ever. You can use a mission agent to locate these players, track them down, and pod them for the isk. Do your research, fit appropriately, and you could get rich quick.
Top Bounties:
tartrus = 17.7 billion
Jude Law = 6.6 billion
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Archive: Art Thou Bored?

Posted on 13th October 2010 by admin in Goings On

There are a few events going on in eve to break up your day a bit… the first is a t1 frigate tournament with a prize for the winner valued at over 30 billion isk. It’s free to sign up. UPDATE: all events are free-for-all! 16 ships enter the ring… One wins. ITS ANYONES GAME! (Read: fit a MWD) Go to this page and read about it, than all you have to do is post a request to join here. While your at it, if you have cash to burn, you can play T’Amber’s little lottery. It’s legit, and has some huge prizes. It’s not a requirement to play the lottery though… the pilots for the T1 frig fight will be randomly selected from people who post in the latter eve thread I posted there.

More to do: 0.0 Camping
There is a large war going on in Fountain now, as foxnod recently observed for himself. Usually there’s like 0-5 ships in those systems, but as of this weekend there were hundreds. …so it’s a little hot for us to set up secret sec status ratting there right now… the wars in Fountain come and go ALL THE TIME. That said, there is huge opportunity for camping! I keep a clone in Hophib for camping along this path in 0.0: Hophib – D4KU-5 – L-A5XP. It a sweet bottleneck for logistics into fountain, and durring this war there will be a lot of logistics traffic through that system. 0.0 means no sec status hit, and 0.0 victims mean high bountys + loot!

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