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Posted on 13th October 2010 by admin in Goings On

There are a few events going on in eve to break up your day a bit… the first is a t1 frigate tournament with a prize for the winner valued at over 30 billion isk. It’s free to sign up. UPDATE: all events are free-for-all! 16 ships enter the ring… One wins. ITS ANYONES GAME! (Read: fit a MWD) Go to this page and read about it, than all you have to do is post a request to join here. While your at it, if you have cash to burn, you can play T’Amber’s little lottery. It’s legit, and has some huge prizes. It’s not a requirement to play the lottery though… the pilots for the T1 frig fight will be randomly selected from people who post in the latter eve thread I posted there.

More to do: 0.0 Camping
There is a large war going on in Fountain now, as foxnod recently observed for himself. Usually there’s like 0-5 ships in those systems, but as of this weekend there were hundreds. …so it’s a little hot for us to set up secret sec status ratting there right now… the wars in Fountain come and go ALL THE TIME. That said, there is huge opportunity for camping! I keep a clone in Hophib for camping along this path in 0.0: Hophib – D4KU-5 – L-A5XP. It a sweet bottleneck for logistics into fountain, and durring this war there will be a lot of logistics traffic through that system. 0.0 means no sec status hit, and 0.0 victims mean high bountys + loot!

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