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Posted on 7th December 2010 by admin in Goings On
More to do: Low Sec Camping + 0.0
Here’s a camping route in low sec that has pretty good traffic and actually feeds into a nice 0.0 sec camping route within two jumps: Uemon. We have an office there, and there is, relatively, one of the busyest logistics paths there wich goes: Akora – Messoya* – Tasti – Otosela – Uemon* – Paala – LXQ2-T (0.0) – 8KE-YS (0.0) – ZS-PNI* (0.0)…. where a “*” indicates an ideal camp site. I have gotten some of my highest value kills along that route.
First person to post a Zephyr empire gank here gets 150 mil from the corp and a shiny new medal. Second runner up gets 2 Zephyrs.
Big Bounty… Big Isk
There are bounties for characters out there that are bigger than ever. You can use a mission agent to locate these players, track them down, and pod them for the isk. Do your research, fit appropriately, and you could get rich quick.
Top Bounties:
tartrus = 17.7 billion
Jude Law = 6.6 billion
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