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Posted on 7th December 2010 by admin in Goings On
There’s a lot going on right now w/ Freeport Exploration. Our Forums are up, our website is up, and so is our Killboard. We will be filling them with content soon (shipfits, tactics, carer options, etc…) Eve radio adverts and forum adverts will be online next week. Gogela will be leading ninja expeditions into incusions after the expansion, and we may be putting up a POS in wormhole space for incursions of our own into nullsec.
Hang out by logistical chokepoints in empire and scan freighters. Try to find corporations with lots of freighters moving through the area. We will be making several wardecs based on your findings soon! People in corp are making billions scamming the market. Just fyi. The corp station in Sujarento is stocked up with free ninja ships and mods for corp members, and bubbles are available in Uemon and Ohkunen for nullsec campers.
The highest ISK value single kill (think transports, freighters, indys) will be rewarded with 2 faction cruisers (or 220 mil isk, your choice) of your choice. Contest ends Dec 1.
Tuberider 1.5 bil | Cookie Queen 1.35bil | ziem 1.3 bil
EVE Player Channels:
EVE Radio | Cygnus X | Live Events
NOTE: If anyone is having problems accessing “NPC Loot” in the corp hanger, eve-mail gogela and he’ll fix it.
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